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Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Release Date : 02/5/2008 10:00 AM


Cognitive Evolution Author Alice Travis Links Ebonics to Black/White Racial Achievement Gap            

  Recommends Mastery of Standard English Requirement for High School Diplomas         

New York, NY., /Corporate Wire / –The newly released genetic psychology book, “Cognitive Evolution: The Biological Imprint of Applied Intelligence” [Universal Publishers ISBN: 1-58112-981-5 ISBN 13: 978-1-58112-981-6] addresses the persistent black/white racial achievement gap in American schools. The treatise proposes that States mandate English as a Second Language Courses for all dialect and foreign language speaking children entering public school systems, including speakers of Ebonics or Black English. The book holds that speakers of Black English in the United States are being educated in Standard English which is de facto a foreign language for students whose mother tongue is Ebonics.

(Library of Congress data)

Author Alice Travis states, “Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that immigrants who have mastered their native languages in standard form are advantaged in learning Standard English. Dialect speakers are severely disadvantaged in acquiring fluency in English because of a lack of familiarity with formal grammatical constructs. The traditional pedagogical approach to teaching Standard English to speakers of Ebonics has been to apply different rules to students academically handicapped by Black English as their first language. Many school districts treat Ebonics as a sacrosanct cultural trait while requiring students who speak other foreign languages to enroll in English as a Second Language courses. Such classes are not mandatory for Black English speakers, widening the racial achievement gap as students move through elementary and secondary grades.”

Ms. Travis, an information theorist, [Biography: Marquis Who’s Who America/World] reports that, “ Ebonics immersion depresses measured academic achievement at all socioeconomic levels. Black middle class youngsters are not immune.”[See e.g. Black Picket Fences: Privilege and Peril among the Black Middle Class by Mary Pattillo-McCoy University of Chicago Press] “The critical role of English language fluency in USA education is evidenced by the college and university requirement that non-native applicants demonstrate proficiency in tests such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language),”observes Ms. Travis.

“Cognitive Evolution” predicts that the black/ white racial achievement gap will narrow significantly as school systems mandate Standard English mastery as a requirement for High School graduation, concurrent with English as a Second Language Courses K-12 offered to Ebonics dialect speakers.